How to boil eggs


How to boil eggBoiled eggs are part of many tasty dishes like egg salads for example, but they can also be used as healthy snacks too. But, in case you crack eggs too often and you are not satisfied with the taste of eggs you prepare, maybe it is the right time to learn how to boil eggs properly.

How to boil eggs

1. Putting the eggs in a pot/saucepan

Take the eggs and carefully place them in the saucepan/pot. Remember to stack them really carefully because they can break. Generally speaking, you should not place more than four eggs in a regular saucepan. In case you are not sure whether the eggs are good, put them in a bowl filled with salt water. In case they sink down, they are fresh and safe.

2. Pour some cold water in the panHow to biol eggs

Pour cold tap water to cover the eggs with at least 3 centimeters of water. After that put one pinch of salt in the water. The cold water is here to prevent overcooking. You should never place eggs in a pot filled with hot water because the eggs will crack. Salt is added to firm up the egg white in a fast manner.

3. Turn the stove on – use medium heat

Next, cover the saucepan and wait until the water reaches a gentle boil. Of course, if the lid is on, the water will boil more quickly, but you can leave it aside in case you want to monitor the eggs. It is a good idea to stir the eggs once in a while just to avoid their settling at the saucepan’s bottom. If they stay at the bottom all the time, there is a good chance that they will break and crack. You can finish this process easily and safely with a wooden spoon.

4. When the water starts boiling remove the pan from heat

Once the water starts boiling, simply turn off the stove. Make sure that the lid is on the saucepan. The heat that is already present should be sufficient to finish the cooking process. It really depends on how hard you want your eggs. If you want them soft, you can leave them for less than 5 minutes and if you want them really hard leave them for more than 15 minutes. How to boil eggs is easy but the time you cook them is essential.

5. Cool the eggsHow to boil a egg

Once the time you have selected has passed, remove the warm water from the saucepan carefully. Put the eggs under cold water or simply put them in a bowl filled with ice water in order to drop their temperature. Wait for five minutes.

6. If you want to eat them peel the eggs

In case you want to eat them right away, just peel them by cracking their shell. To achieve this just roll them on a clean surface and use low pressure with your hands. When you remove the shell, clean them again under cold water.

7. Storing eggs

The boiled eggs can be kept for five days in a fridge.
NOTE: You can boil eggs in a microwave too.

A simple but good How to boil eggs. Have any questions or tips? Leave them in the comment below.
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