How to create a website


A question hold by many: How to create a website. We will give you a step by step process to start your own website.


Get a domain name.

A domain name is your digital address. The address contains out of 4 parts. For registration you can chose the two last extensions. Get your domain here.


http://                 = protocol

www.                   =  subdomain

we-all-know      =  unique domain name

.com                     =  the top level


Start a host for your website.

After registration of a domain you need to host is on a server. This is to make your website visible anytime by anyone.  The hosting can mostly done at the some company as the domain name registration.

Install a CMS on your host an your domain

To make life easy you can install a CMS, stand for Content Management System. An easy way to create webpages, templates and menu’s. Without it you need to create every webpage from scratch.

You can chose between many CMS platforms but the most used is WordPress.

Design your website with templates


Create webpages and content for your website

Test your website

Get traffic to your website

Connect your site to social channels

Earning money with your website



This is a quick guideline to: How to create a website. If you have something to add or have a question, leave it in the comments.

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