How to lose weight in 6 staps


We all want is at some point, but how to lose weight the right way? Some for health reasons others for cosmetic reasons. Either way to lose weight you need tohow to lose weight

1. Measure what you eat.

Knowing is the first step of improving. Studies shown that people how are aware of what they are eating and consuming automatically eat 15% less than people who don’t. If you measure correctly for an average week you get a pretty good idea of what you consume.

2. Measure/calculate what you burn.

Some is for burning calories. Keep track of your daily movements and get a grip on what how much calories you burn daily. If you keep track of your movement you move more. On average a man burns

 How to lose weight Woman Man
Sedentary lifestyle 1600* 1800*
slightly more active lifestyle 1850* 2100*
moderately active lifestyle 2100* 2300*
very active lifestyle 2350* 2600*
Extreemly active 2600* 2900*
*Average burning of calories on an average body

3. Work on eating and on exercise and set a goal.

After the measurements you can work on a plan if you don’t set a goal you can’t reach it! Balance your in and output. If the output of calories is more than the input is how to lose weight. So there are 2 ways to start losing weight: Eat less, or burn more calories.

4. Make changes in your habitshow to lose weight

Break the bad habits, eating candy of sit for the tv. Breaking them is hard but is an effective and life changing way to losing weight. If you only sit for the tv all night, start moving. Don’t think you can’t watch tv but try to combine bad with good. For example stand up every commercial break and do 5 squads. Only takes 10 sec but it’s still 10 sec more than nothing 😉
If eating is the problem, replace the bad food for healthy(er) food, or less of it. Instead of candy or chips crab an avocado or nuts. Even if the steps are small If you make then and keep them up, it’s worth it.

5. Focus on the positive sides

If you only focus on the dislikes it is very hard to keep up. If you want to eat less calories don’t get hungry, eat but eat calorie free and healthy. Don’t see exorcise as something you must do, pick an activity that you like or pick a way that is burning more calories. A positive attitude is how to lose weight.

6. Get a buddy

If you have someone who want to lose weight as well that’s great. People can motivate each other by compliments, giving examples and tips. If you don’t know anyone try the internet of forums for others. Also keep focusing on the positive sides, don’t feel bad of other people reach their goals before you of losing weight harder. its about how to lose weight, not a race or who is doing it better. Its for yourself.

Extra tips on how to lose weight:

  • Eat avocado’s
  • Eat brown rice
  • Do 10 pushups every morning

Need extra help? Get a weight loss coach

These are the 6 staps on how to lose weight. Do you have any tips on losing weight? Add then yourself down here:

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