How to ollie on a skateboard


How to ollie on a skateboard

We know how to ollie on a skateboard and we want you to give you tips. The ollie is the basic trick on a skateboard. It is a trick of timing and precision.

Checkout the movie for all the instructions.

How to ollie on a skateboard:

  1. Place foot at the back of the center.
  2. Press back foot hard and swiftly to the ground (the pop).
  3. Jump up, bend your knees and slide your front foot over the griptape to the front of your board.
  4. Give the board room to go up, so jump high enough and bend your knees.
  5. Land by pressing the skateboard down again.
  6. Land with both your feet on the bolds.

Watch the video for further instruction on the ollie.

Common mistakes on the ollie:

  1. No commitment
  2. Not pushing the tail all the way to the ground.
  3. Not lvling with your front leg.
  4. Don’t bending the knees.

The trick takes time to master. First try the ollie it standing still. After doing a few inches off the ground you can try to do it rolling. Once you can ollie moving try olling up and off a curb. Once you can ollie up a curb correctly you can go for even higher objects.


After seeing the movie and use the tips we hope you will learn how to ollie on a skateboard.
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