How to tie a tie


How to tie a tie easyTying a tie is not very difficult once you know how to tie a tie. There are many ways to tie a tie but for now we get to the most easy and quickest way to tie a tie. This way is called the four-in-hand tie. There are 2 other popular ways to tie a tie and that is  Half-Windsor tie knot and the full Windsor tie knot.

While tying a tie there is no left and right, both ways are possible. The only thing you must keep aware is the small and wide side.

How to tie a tie in 8 easy steps (Four in hand)

  1. First of all place your tie silk side up around your neck.How to tie a tie Four in hand step by step
  2. Make the wide side of the tie twice as long as the short side.
  3. Place the wide side over the short side.
  4. Fold the wide side under the short side.
  5. Wrap the wide side over again.
  6. Take the wide side and put is through the neck hole.
  7. Bring the wide side down through the opening.
  8. Now bring the tie up with the short end and make the last adjustments.

Getting the length of both end perfect is a tricky part. Not all ties are the same length, so try the perfect length for your tie. The small parts must be shorter in the beginning.  This part is getting longer and the end because you need to pull it to your neck.

Tips on tying a tie

  • Adjust the knot and tie in the process to get it nice and neat
  • Keep the short side long enough to get it through the loop at the back of the tie.
Other ways to tie a tie
  • The Half Windsor
  • The Full Windsor
  • The Bow Tie

This is how to tie a tie in 8 simple steps four in hand. Have any questions, suggestions or tips? Leave them below.  Do you have an idea to add your own “How To” page? Add your page yourself.

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