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Join us in We-All-Know. WAK is an initiative to collect and bundling how-to articles and video’s. We want to make knowledge easy to find. We want to make small and complicated issues understandable for everyone.

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We cannot possible do this alone. We are the platform to share knowledge but sure don’t make all the items ourselves. We need your help to accomplish this! Join-in us can be done in several ways:

  • Writing How-to articles.
  • Review the How-to articles.
  • Improve writing, grammar and content of the How-to articles.
  • Making How-to videos
  • Submitting Images
  • give suggestions of new How-to’s
  • Donate

Making a new articles is very easy. Create an account and submit your concept page. You can choose the subject yourself and you can add what you know. More sure to be accurate and don’t make stuff up or hard others.

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If you see am improvement or have more information about an existing article? Do not hesitate to report it. For now send us an E-mail. Add the page and the adjustment you see and we make it happen.

Do you any ideas for we-all-know or want to help in another way, let us know! Mail us and we’ll get in touch with you.