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How to make a cvHow to write a cover letter

“Cover letter” is a term used to describe a relatively short descriptive introduction to your work and to you. There are many people who rely on CVs when they are applying for a job, but the truth is that cover letters play an important role in this process too. After all, this is the first thing that potential employers will read about you and as we all know, the first impression is very important. Now let’s see how to write a cover letter.

  1. Check some templates

First of all, you can use the Internet to check some existing free templates. This will give you an idea how to write a good cover letter. There are many websites providing free templates, but experts agree that there are no universal cover letters that can be used in every situation. So, use these samples only as an inspiration.

  1. Rely on standard cover letter formatting

Generally speaking, it takes less than a minute for the reader to evaluate the cover letter you’ve written. This is the reason why so many people are making experiments with the size, colors and shapes of fonts and try some special formatting options. However, this is wrong. The cover letter must be precise, short and must follow some standards.

  1. How to tie a tie easyKeep every paragraph neat and organized

The cover letter is not something that you can use to express yourself and to provide additional information. Every paragraph and sentence in this letter count. Some experts say that a five paragraph format is best not only for the article but also for cover letters. The first one is about who you are and what the job position you are applying for is. The second paragraph should be used to emphasize the facts that make you the best candidate. The third one is about providing an explanation why you want to work in that company. The fourth paragraph should be about how you can contribute. And the last paragraph should be used as some sort of call to action – ask the employer to call you and thank them for the opportunity.

  1. A brief, yet strong introduction

As a general rule, the introduction should not exceed 35 words or three sentences. This is more than enough to highlight your experience, qualifications and/or skills for the job.

  1. Avoid generic and empty phrasesHow to write a covering letter

Let’s be clear, people reading these cover letters have experience and they have already read the typical phrases found in these letters like strongly motivated, incredibly determined etc. Try to make your cover letter different and make it stand out from the crowd by adding unique phrases. In addition, make sure that every sentence is specific and reveals valuable information.

  1. Use the help of other people

When we say use the help of other people we mean help in finding mistakes. Consult a person you trust and let them check your cover letter. You must be sure that the letter is free of any errors or confusion.

As you can see, writing a cover letter is not difficult, but you must spend some time on this activity because this short letter can mean a lot.


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